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Ninja Ranking

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Ninja ranking of All Shinobis

The ninja in a hidden village have their own skill levels which help delineate what rank they are. The most talented ninja in the village is generally the Kage who leads the village, the lowest tier is made up of those young individuals training in the ninja academy. Listed below is the ranking from lowest skill level to highest. Groups such as the ANBU are not a level, but rather a specialized unit made up of ninja from the Chuunin and Jounin levels who does special missions.

Ninja Academy Student- Ninja Academy students like Konohamaru, Udon and Moegi are taught the basic Jutsu skills and learn about Charka and identifying Jutsus. Once they have mastered the needed skills, they are able to graduate and become actual ninja and qets assigned to a Jounin.

Genin- Genins are the lowest of ninja skill levels. They possess a knowledge of all the basic ninja skills and will do lower C & D rank missions with their Jounin sensei. Genins here include Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura and of course, Uzumaki Naruto.

Chuunin- A Chuunin is most lowest rank of the Higher Ninjas. These ninja can become field doctors or teachers. They were formerly Genin who were promoted for displaying excellent intelligence, strategy and combat skills. Chuunins include Nara Shikamaru. Chuunin have the equivalent rank of military captain, exhibiting strong stamina, knowledge and inner wisdom.

Jounin- A Jounin are ninja who are highly skilled in all jutsu skills and arts. The Jounin generally serve as squad commander for mission operations or a sensei to a team. They are shinobis like Hatake Kakashi, who is in charge of Team 7, Maito Gai, Asuma and Kurenai.

Special Jounin- Special Jounin are ninjas who have gained high Jounin-level skills in one area of ninja arts, therefore specialising in mostly one area. These are Shinobis like Morino Ibiki, who is highly skilled at interrogation and torture.

Special Tutors- These special elite teachers tutor Jounin level ninjas to further refine their skills. The Elite tutor can also serve as the person teacher to relatives of the Hokage, like Ebisu who is currently tutoring Konohamaru.

Anbu- An Anbu are the most elite force in the village. They have the most important missions that are highly dangerous and requires a lot of skill and talent. By the way, when Uchiha Itachi left Konoha, he was an Anbu. The ANBU work directly under the leadership of the Hokage. This specialized ninja battalion generally work in groups of four to five. They are responsible for assassinations and missions requiring highly trained ninjas.

Hunter-Nins- These hunters, like Haku's disguise, search for ninja who have abandoned their village. They have a high knowledge in physiology to further their killing abilities. Once they kill their target, they will dispose of the body without a trace. This is because a ninjas body has within it secrets of the villages ninjutsu, chakra types, and other information about the village. They will then take the head back to the Hidden Village as proof of their kill.

Senins- The three highly skilled of Konoha are known as the Legendary "Sennin," or Legendary "Three Ninja." These highly skilled ninjas generally leave their villages behind to wander the country furthering their skills and Jutsu knowledge. It is unknown whether any other Hidden Villages have Sennin level ninja. This level of ninja is usually first to be chosen as a villages new Kage.

Kage -The village Kage is the strongest ninja in the hidden village. They have excellent chakra and stamina and know the most Jutsu techniques. The Kage of any Shinobi village, along with the Council are usually the head of the village and makes most of the decisions concerning the village itself. These are people like Yondamei, Tsunade and after the time skip, Gaara. The Kage (Shadow) represents the head of each Hidden Vilage. Only the Five Great Shinobi Countries are allowed to call their head ninja by the Kage name. The Kage serves as the pillar upon which the village stands and the strength a village presents to the other ninja countries largely depends upon the strength of the Kage in power. When one Hokage decides to step down from the position a new Kage is nominated and then approved by the Villlage Council. In an interesting turn of events, Konoha's Third Hokage retook his position as Kage after his village's Fourth Hokage, Yondamei, fell in battle to Kyuubi, the demon fox.

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