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Naruto Paradise

Death List
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Below is a list of people who are deceased and the reasonings of their death

- Killed by: Gaara
- Reasoning: He attempted to kill Gaara during the Chuunin exams. He failed and as a result, was killed by Gaara.

Gaara's Mother
- Killed by: Birthgiving
- Reasoning: When giving birth to Gaara, the spirit within Gaara was too strong and it killed her.

- Killed by: Zabuza
- Reasoning: Gatou betrayed Zabuza. Despite the fact that Zabuza was badly punctured from spears and other weapons; he was still able to kill Gatou with a kunai he held between his jaws.

Gekkou Hayate
- Killed By: Baki
- Reasoning: Gekkou found out about the secret plans plotted against Konoha while Kabuto and Baki were discussing it. Baki killed Gekkou after he failed his jutsu.

- Killed By: Kakashi
- Reasoning: Kakashi used his Chidori in an attempt to kill Zabuza. Haku jumped in the way and was killed instead.

Hokage 3
- Killed By: Himself
- Reasoning: Sarutobi used a forbidden jutsu in an effort to kill Orochimaru, when the jutsu was completed, he died.

Hokage 4
- Killed By: Himself
- Reasoning: Yondaime used a forbidden jutsu to seal the powers of the Kyubi into Naruto. When this jutsu was finished, he died.

Hyuuga Hizashi
- Killed By: Sacrifice
- Reasoning: Hizashi chose to sacrifice himself in the place of his brother when a cloub shinobi demanded his twin brother from the main family's life.

Iruka's Parents
- Killed By: Kyuubi
- Reasoning: Kyuubi attacked the village and Iruka's parents were killed during the havoc.


- Killed by Orchimaru
- Reasoning: Kin was used by Orochimaru as a sacrifice in order to perform a justu.

Uchiha Clan Members
- Killed By: Itachi
- Reasoning: Itachi wanted to test out his strength and he killed all the members except Sasuke.

- Killed By: Gaara
- Reasoning: Yashamaru was Gaara's caretaker. She tried to murder Gaara and he accidentally killed her.

- Killed By: Orochimaru
- Reasoning: Zaku was used by Orochimaru as a sacrifice in order to perform a justu.

' All of you, without knowing your own capacity, had no idea of mine. And now you lie here, defeated.'

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