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Naruto Paradise

Country Guide
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Naruto Country Guide


The Five Great Shinobi Countries
Lower Shinobi Countries
Hidden Mist

Water Country
~ Hidden Mist Village
- (Kiri Gakure no sato)
~ Mizukage (Water Shadow)

Hidden Rain

Rain Country
~ Hidden Rain Village
- (Ame Gakure no sato)

Hidden Cloud

Lightning Country
~ Hidden Cloud Village
- (Kumo Gakure no sato)
~ Raikage (Lightning Shadow)

Hidden Waterfall

Waterfall Country
~ Hidden Waterfall Village
- (Taki Gakure No Sato)
~ Shibuki *

Hidden Stone

Earth Country
~ Hidden Stone Village
- (Iwa Gakure no sato)
~ Tsuchikage (Earth Shadow)

Hidden Grass

Grass Country
~ Hidden Grass Village
- (Kusa Gakure No Sato)

Hidden Leaf

Fire Country
~ Hidden Leaf Village
- (Konoha Gakure no sato)
~ Hokage (Fire Shadow)

Hidden Sound

Sound Country
~ Hidden Sound Village
- (Oto Gakure No Sato)
~ Orochimaru

Hidden Sand

Wind Country
~ Hidden Sand Village
- (Suna Gakure no sato)
~ Kazekage (Wind Shadow)

Hidden Snow

Snow Country **
~ Daimyo





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